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Defenders of Gondor

Starter Deck MEC105 28 January 2022
Card List
Boromir(Hero)1 Prince Imrahil(Hero)1 Mablung(Hero)1 Angbor the Fearless(Ally)3 Soldier of Gondor(Ally)3 Citadel Custodian(Ally)3 Defender of Rammas(Ally)3 Pelargir Ship Captain(Ally)3 Errand-rider(Ally)3 Faramir(Ally)2 Gandalf(Ally)2 Gondorian Spearman(Ally)2 Envoy of Pelargir(Ally)3 Squire of the Citadel(Ally)3 Captain of Gondor(Attachment)3 Gondorian Shield(Attachment)3 Heir of Mardil(Attachment)3 Steward of Gondor(Attachment)2 Valiant Sword(Attachment)3 Visionary Leadership(Attachment)3 Behind Strong Walls(Event)3 Feint(Event)2 Need Drives Them(Event)3 Pillars of the Kings(Event)3 Valiant Sacrifice(Event)2 Foe-hammer(Event)3 Beregond(Hero)1 Faramir(Hero)1 Emyn Arnen Ranger(Ally)3 Ranger Spikes(Attachment)3 Ithilien Pit(Attachment)3 Coney in a Trap(Event)3 Helm of Secrecy(Event)1 Path of Need(Attachment)1
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