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Dream-chaser Hero Expansion

Hero Expansion MEC110 15 April 2023
Card List
Denethor(Hero)1 Elfhelm(Hero)1 Na'asiyah(Hero)1 Prince Imrahil(Hero)1 CĂ­rdan the Shipwright(Hero)1 Lanwyn(Hero)1 Argalad(Hero)1 Galdor of the Havens(Hero)1 Ceorl(Ally)3 Dwarven Sellsword(Ally)3 Eldahir(Ally)3 Knight of the White Tower(Ally)3 Warden of the Havens(Ally)3 Armored Destrier(Attachment)3 DĂșnedain Remedy(Attachment)3 In Service of the Steward(Attachment)3 Mariner's Compass(Attachment)3 Rod of the Steward(Attachment)3 Rune-master(Attachment)3 Anchor Watch(Event)3 Captain's Wisdom(Event)3 Hold the Line(Event)3 Terrible to Behold(Event)3 Azain Silverbeard(Ally)3 DĂ©orwine(Ally)3 Marksman of LĂłrien(Ally)3 Master Ironsmith(Ally)3 Mithlond Sea-watcher(Ally)3 Soldier of Dol Amroth(Ally)3 Veteran Sword-elf(Ally)3 Grappling Hook(Attachment)3 Raiment of War(Attachment)3 Vigilant Guard(Attachment)3 Battle-fury(Event)3 Knife-work(Event)3 Last Stand(Event)3 Revealed in Wrath(Event)3 Skyward Volley(Event)3 Glorfindel(Ally)3 Linhir Sea-captain(Ally)3 Rhovanion Outrider(Ally)3 Sailor of Lune(Ally)3 Sam Gamgee(Ally)3 SĂșlien(Ally)3 Woodland Courier(Ally)3 Hithlain(Attachment)3 To the Sea, to the Sea!(Attachment)3 Windfola(Attachment)3 Elevenses(Event)3 Elwing's Flight(Event)3 Inspiring Presence(Event)3 Scouting Party(Event)3 Tides of Fate(Event)3 Guardian of Ithilien(Ally)3 Imladris Caregiver(Ally)3 Ioreth(Ally)3 Lindon Navigator(Ally)3 Mirkwood Explorer(Ally)3 Robin Smallburrow(Ally)3 Entangling Nets(Attachment)3 Explorer's Almanac(Attachment)3 Guarded Ceaselessly(Attachment)3 Ranger Spear(Attachment)3 Arrows from the Trees(Event)3 Heed the Dream(Event)3 Interrogation(Event)3 The Evening Star(Event)3 The Houses of Healing(Event)3 Ered Luin Miner(Ally)3 Guardian of Rivendell(Ally)3 Narya(Attachment)3 Prince of Dol Amroth(Attachment)3 Strider(Attachment)3 Justice Shall Be Done(Event)3 Vanish from Sight(Event)3
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