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Dwarves of Durin

Starter Deck MEC103 28 January 2022
Card List
D谩in Ironfoot(Hero)1 Ori(Hero)1 Bifur(Hero)1 Bombur(Ally)3 Dori(Ally)3 Erebor Hammersmith(Ally)3 Erebor Record Keeper(Ally)3 Ered Luin Miner(Ally)3 Ered Nimrais Prospector(Ally)3 Gandalf(Ally)3 Gl贸in(Ally)3 Longbeard Elder(Ally)3 Miner of the Iron Hills(Ally)2 Cram(Attachment)3 Healing Herbs(Attachment)3 King Under the Mountain(Attachment)3 Legacy of Durin(Attachment)3 Narvi's Belt(Attachment)3 Thr贸r's Map(Attachment)3 A Very Good Tale(Event)3 Hidden Cache(Event)3 Lure of Moria(Event)3 We Are Not Idle(Event)3 Durin's Song(Event)3 Nori(Hero)1 Kili(Ally)3 Fili(Ally)3 Zigil Miner(Ally)3 Erebor Guard(Ally)3 Dwarf Pipe(Attachment)3 Magic Ring(Attachment)1
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