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Elves of Lórien

Starter Deck MEC104 28 January 2022
Card List
Celeborn(Hero)1 Galadriel(Hero)1 Haldir of L贸rien(Hero)1 Defender of the Naith(Ally)3 Galadhrim Minstrel(Ally)3 Galadriel's Handmaiden(Ally)3 Gandalf(Ally)2 Greenwood Archer(Ally)3 Henamarth Riversong(Ally)2 Mirkwood Runner(Ally)3 Naith Guide(Ally)3 Orophin(Ally)3 Silvan Refugee(Ally)3 Silvan Tracker(Ally)3 Lembas(Attachment)3 Nenya(Attachment)3 O L贸rien!(Attachment)3 Wingfoot(Attachment)3 A Test of Will(Event)2 Daeron's Runes(Event)3 Elrond's Counsel(Event)3 Feigned Voices(Event)3 Host of Galadhrim(Event)3 The Tree People(Event)3 Galadhon Archer(Ally)3 R煤mil(Ally)3 Bow of the Galadhrim(Attachment)3 Hands Upon the Bow(Event)3 Pursuing the Enemy(Event)3 Vilya(Attachment)3 Elrond(Hero)1
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