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Ered Mithrin Hero Expansion

Hero Expansion MEC114 15 December 2024
Card List
Brand son of Bain(Hero)1 Thranduil(Hero)1 Bilbo Baggins(Hero)1 Grimbeorn the Old(Hero)1 Bard son of Brand(Hero)1 Dáin Ironfoot(Hero)1 Haldan(Hero)1 Radagast(Hero)1 Greenwood Defender(Ally)3 Guardian of Esgaroth(Ally)3 Messenger Raven(Ally)3 Redwater Sentry(Ally)3 Soldier of Erebor(Ally)3 Wiglaf(Ally)3 Ancestral Armor(Attachment)3 Hauberk of Mail(Attachment)3 Orcrist(Attachment)3 Squire's Helm(Attachment)3 The Elvenking(Attachment)3 Elf Guide(Event)3 Man the Walls(Event)3 The King's Return(Event)3 Traffic from Dale(Event)3 Beorning Skin-changer(Ally)3 Bywater Shirriff(Ally)3 Giant Bear(Ally)3 Meneldor(Ally)3 Warrior of Dale(Ally)3 Bow of Yew(Attachment)3 Outmatched(Attachment)3 Round Shield(Attachment)3 Warrior Sword(Attachment)3 Sting(Attachment)3 Beorn's Rage(Event)3 Flight of the Eagles(Event)3 Gwaihir's Debt(Event)3 Swift and Strong(Event)3 Valour of the North(Event)3 Descendant of Girion(Ally)3 Erebor Toymaker(Ally)3 Galion(Ally)3 Long Lake Fisherman(Ally)3 North Realm Lookout(Ally)3 Wild Stallion(Ally)3 Armor of Erebor(Attachment)3 Grey Cloak(Attachment)3 King of Dale(Attachment)3 Mithril Shirt(Attachment)3 Valiant Determination(Attachment)3 Quicker Than Sight(Event)3 Reforged(Event)3 South Away!(Event)3 To Arms!(Event)3 Forest Road Traveler(Ally)3 Gaffer Gamgee(Ally)3 Long Lake Trader(Ally)3 Loyal Hound(Ally)3 Mirkwood Hunter(Ally)3 Glamdring(Attachment)3 Leather Boots(Attachment)3 Map of Rhovanion(Attachment)3 Woodmen's Clearing(Attachment)3 Woodmen's Path(Attachment)3 Bartering(Event)3 Drinking Song(Event)3 Familiar Lands(Event)3 The Great Hunt(Event)3 The Hidden Way(Event)3 Eagle of the North(Ally)3 Thalion(Ally)3 Necklace of Girion(Attachment)3 Radagast's Staff(Attachment)3 Ring of Thrór(Attachment)3 The Arkenstone(Attachment)3 The Shirefolk(Event)3
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