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Escape from Mount Gram

Adventure Pack MEC40 30 July 2015
Card List
Rossiel(Hero)1 Veteran of Osgiliath(Ally)3 Descendants of Kings(Event)3 Derndingle Warrior(Ally)3 Boomed and Trumpeted(Event)3 Elven Jeweler(Ally)3 Double Back(Player Side Quest)3 Leave No Trace(Event)3 Distant Stars(Event)3 Keen as Lances(Event)3
Player Cards28
Jailor Gorn√°kh(Enemy)1 Southern Gate(Location)1 Cruel Torturer(Enemy)2 Dungeon Guard(Enemy)3 Goblin Tormentor(Enemy)2 Prison Cell(Location)4 Patrol Room(Location)2 Tunnels of Mount Gram(Location)2 Sound the Alarm!(Treachery)2 Feeble and Weary(Treachery)2 Captives of Gorn√°kh(Treachery)2 Interrogation(Treachery)2 Stop the Executioners!(Encounter Side Quest)1
Encounter Cards26
Unexpected Rescue(Quest)1 Gorn√°kh's Dungeons(Quest)4 Flight from Mount Gram(Quest)1
Quest Cards6
Escape from Mount Gram
Rules Sheet