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Fog on the Barrow-downs

Fellowship Saga Deck MEC36 15 January 2015
Card List
Aragorn(Hero)1 Ho! Tom Bombadil!(Event)1
Player Cards2
Hollow Circle(Location)1 Standing Stones(Location)1 Great Barrow(Location)5 Ancient Barrow(Location)3 Stone Ring(Location)4 North Downs(Location)4 Barrow-wight(Enemy)4 Cold-wight(Enemy)3 Dark-wight(Enemy)3 I'm Waiting for You!(Treachery)2 Long Groping Arm(Treachery)3 Chill Fog(Treachery)2 Frozen by Fear(Treachery)3 Dreadful Song(Treachery)2 Tom Bombadil(Objective-Ally)1
Encounter Cards41
The House of Tom Bombadil(Quest)1 Across the Downs(Quest)1 Lost in the Fog(Quest)1 Trapped Inside a Barrow(Quest)4 Fog on the Barrow-downs(Campaign)1
Quest Cards8
Fog on the Barrow-downs