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Heirs of Númenor

Deluxe Expansion MEC17 26 November 2012
Card List
Beregond(Hero)1 Boromir(Hero)1 Errand-rider(Ally)3 Citadel Custodian(Ally)3 Mutual Accord(Event)3 Wealth of Gondor(Event)3 Defender of Rammas(Ally)3 Behind Strong Walls(Event)3 Spear of the Citadel(Attachment)3 Damrod(Ally)3 Light the Beacons(Event)3 A Watchful Peace(Event)3 Blood of Númenor(Attachment)3 Hunter of Lamedon(Ally)3 Ithilien Tracker(Ally)3 Master of Lore(Ally)3 Ranger Spikes(Attachment)3 Envoy of Pelargir(Ally)3
Player Cards50
Alcaron's Scroll(Objective)1 Harbor Thug(Enemy)5 The Leaping Fish(Location)1 Pelargir Docks(Location)2 Harbor Storehouse(Location)2 Collateral Damage(Treachery)4 Celador(Objective)1 Ithilien Guardian(Objective)2 Southron Company(Enemy)4 Ithilien Road(Location)2 Blocking Wargs(Treachery)4 Orc Scramblers(Enemy)3 Battering Ram(Enemy)3 Siege Raft(Enemy)2 The Citadel(Location)1 The Approach(Location)1 The Banks(Location)1 Orc Assault(Treachery)2 Pickpocket(Enemy)3 City Street(Location)3 Market Square(Location)2 Lost in the City(Treachery)1 Local Trouble(Treachery)2 Zealous Traitor(Enemy)3 Lossarnach Bandit(Enemy)2 Umbar Assassin(Enemy)1 Lurking in Shadows(Treachery)2 Overgrown Trail(Location)3 Secluded Glade(Location)3 Lost Companion(Treachery)2 Morgul Spider(Enemy)3 Forest Bat(Enemy)3 Watcher in the Wood(Treachery)2 Southron Mercenaries(Enemy)3 Haradrim Elite(Enemy)2 Mûmak(Enemy)1 Southron Support(Treachery)2 Lieutenant of Mordor(Enemy)1 Orc Arbalesters(Enemy)3 Orc Vanguard(Enemy)2 Orc War Camp(Location)2 The Master's Malice(Treachery)2 The Power of Mordor(Treachery)1 Orc Rabble(Enemy)3 Orc Arsonist(Enemy)3 Scourge of Mordor(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards103
The Leaping Fish(Quest)1 Fighting in the Streets(Quest)1 Escape to the Quays(Quest)1 Ambush in Ithilien(Quest)1 Southron Counter-attack(Quest)1 The Hidden Way(Quest)1 Approaching Cair Andros(Quest)1 The Defense(Quest)1 Reinforcing the Banks(Quest)1 Breakthrough at the Approach(Quest)1 Breakthrough at the Citadel(Quest)1 The Last Battle(Quest)1
Quest Cards12
Peril in Pelargir Into Ithilien The Siege of Cair Andros
Rules Sheet