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Deluxe Expansion MEC08 06 January 2012
Card List
Dwalin(Hero)1 Bifur(Hero)1 Narvi's Belt(Attachment)3 Durin's Song(Event)3 Ever Onward(Event)3 Veteran of Nanduhirion(Ally)3 Dwarrowdelf Axe(Attachment)3 Khazâd! Khazâd!(Event)3 Zigil Miner(Ally)3 Untroubled by Darkness(Event)3 Erebor Record Keeper(Ally)3 Ancestral Knowledge(Event)3 Boots from Erebor(Attachment)3
Player Cards35
Patrol Leader(Enemy)2 Signs of Conflict(Treachery)5 East-gate(Location)1 First Hall(Location)1 Bridge of Khazad-dûm(Location)1 Stairs of Náin(Location)2 Cave-troll(Enemy)2 Orc Horn Blower(Enemy)1 Hidden Threat(Treachery)2 Upper Hall(Location)3 Book of Mazarbul(Objective)1 The Nameless Fear(Enemy)1 New Devilry(Treachery)3 Shadow of Fear(Treachery)3 A Foe Beyond(Treachery)4 Abandoned Tools(Objective)1 Chieftain of the Pit(Enemy)1 Goblin Spearman(Enemy)5 Goblin Archer(Enemy)2 Undisturbed Bones(Treachery)3 Plundered Armoury(Location)2 Goblin Follower(Enemy)4 Branching Paths(Location)3 Lightless Passage(Location)2 Zigil Mineshaft(Location)3 Many Roads(Treachery)1 Burning Low(Treachery)3 Cave Torch(Objective)1 Great Cave-troll(Enemy)2 Orc Drummer(Enemy)1 Stray Goblin(Enemy)3 Chance Encounter(Treachery)3 Massing in the Deep(Treachery)2 The Mountains' Roots(Location)3 Cave In(Treachery)3 Crumbling Ruin(Treachery)2 Dark and Dreadful(Treachery)2 Sudden Pitfall(Treachery)1 Dreadful Gap(Location)1 Fouled Well(Location)3 Black Uruks(Enemy)4 Mountain Warg(Enemy)3 Bitter Wind(Treachery)3 Knees of the Mountain(Location)1 Turbulent Waters(Location)2 Warg Lair(Location)2 Goblin Scout(Enemy)3 Goblin Swordsman(Enemy)5 Watchful Eyes(Treachery)3 Goblin Tunnels(Location)2
Encounter Cards117
Entering the Mines(Quest)1 Goblin Patrol(Quest)1 A Way Up(Quest)1 Search for the Chamber(Quest)1 The Fate of Balin(Quest)1 A Presence in the Dark(Quest)1 Search for an Exit(Quest)1 Search for an Exit(Quest)1 Search for an Exit(Quest)1 Search for an Exit(Quest)1 Search for an Exit(Quest)1 Search for an Exit(Quest)1 Search for an Exit(Quest)1
Quest Cards13
Into the Pit The Seventh Level Flight from Moria
Rules Sheet