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Riders of Rohan

Starter Deck MEC106 28 January 2022
Card List
√Čomer(Hero)1 Hirgon(Hero)1 Loth√≠riel(Hero)1 √Čomund(Ally)3 Escort from Edoras(Ally)3 Gandalf(Ally)2 Guthlaf(Ally)3 Horseback Archer(Ally)2 Riddermark Knight(Ally)3 West Road Traveller(Ally)3 Westfold Horse-Breaker(Ally)3 Westfold Horse-breeder(Ally)3 Westfold Lancer(Ally)3 Westfold Outrider(Ally)3 Ancient Mathom(Attachment)3 Firefoot(Attachment)3 Horn of the Mark(Attachment)3 The Red Arrow(Attachment)1 War Axe(Attachment)3 A Test of Will(Event)2 Astonishing Speed(Event)3 Feint(Event)2 Forth Eorlingas!(Event)3 Oath of Eorl(Event)3 The Muster of Rohan(Event)3 Wait no Longer(Event)3 Fastred(Hero)1 The Riddermark's Finest(Ally)3 Spear of the Mark(Attachment)3 Steed of the Mark(Attachment)3 Rohan Warhorse(Attachment)3 Charge of the Rohirrim(Event)3
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