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Temple of the Deceived

Adventure Pack MEC50 15 June 2016
Card List
Elfhelm(Hero)1 Ceorl(Ally)3 Armored Destrier(Attachment)3 Déorwine(Ally)3 Revealed in Wrath(Event)3 Rhovanion Outrider(Ally)3 Scouting Party(Event)3 Entangling Nets(Attachment)3 Arrows from the Trees(Event)3 Ered Luin Miner(Ally)3
Player Cards28
The Grotto's Entrance(Location)1 Temple Halls(Location)2 Temple Guardian(Enemy)1 Gate Key(Objective)1 Jagged Cliffs(Location)2 Winding Caverns(Location)2 Jungle Path(Location)2 Faithless Desecrator(Enemy)3 Island Watcher(Enemy)2 Profane Dead(Enemy)2 Deeper into the Ruins(Treachery)4 Furious Rainstorm(Treachery)3 Dwindling Supplies(Treachery)3 Sunken Ruins(Treachery)3
Encounter Cards31
Searching the Island(Quest)1
Quest Cards1
Temple of the Deceived
Rules Sheet