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The Battle of Carn Dûm

Adventure Pack MEC43 06 November 2015
Card List
Amarthi煤l(Hero)1 Guardian of Arnor(Ally)3 Doom Hangs Still(Event)3 Beechbone(Ally)3 Hold Your Ground!(Event)3 Lindir(Ally)3 Lords of the Eldar(Event)3 The Long Defeat(Attachment)3 Quick Ears(Event)3 Favor of the Valar(Attachment)3
Player Cards28
Thaurdir(Enemy)1 Carn D没m Garrison(Enemy)4 Orc Grunts(Enemy)4 Werewolf of Angmar(Enemy)2 Accursed Battlefield(Location)3 Mountains of Angmar(Location)2 Blight of Carn D没m(Location)3 Fortress Walls(Location)3 The Sky Darkens(Treachery)2 Vile Afflication(Treachery)3 Daechanar's Will(Treachery)2 Furious Charge(Encounter Side Quest)1
Encounter Cards30
The Clutches of Carn D没m(Quest)1 Midwinter's Crux(Quest)1
Quest Cards2
The Battle of Carn Dûm
Rules Sheet