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The Betrayal of Mîm

First Age FA04 09 September 2016
Card List
Chest of Stone and Wood(Attachment)1 Galadriel(Hero)1 Gaurwaith Watchman(Ally)3 Soldier of the Fountain(Ally)3 Elf-maiden of Nargothrond(Ally)3 Gwindor(Ally)3 Ulfang the Black(Ally)3 Fëanorian Lamp(Attachment)3 Gorthol(Attachment)3 Smoking Axe(Attachment)3 Trained to Wariness(Event)3 Hounding to his Death(Event)3 Arts of the Enemy(Event)3
Player Cards35
Orc Scout(Enemy)5 Poison Archer(Enemy)4 Angband Spy(Enemy)4 Wolf-sentinel(Enemy)4 Angband Warrior(Enemy)5 Amon Rûdh(Location)1 Amon Rûdh(Location)1 Gate of the Garth(Location)1 Stony Heath(Location)1 Broken Land(Location)1 Holly-thicket(Location)1 Dark Dells(Location)1 Secret Stair(Treachery)3 Rains Out of Season(Treachery)2 Steep Slopes(Location)1 More Hunted Than Hunters(Treachery)2 Ill-content(Treachery)3 Captive Son(Treachery)4 Sleepless Eyes(Treachery)3 Curse of a Dwarf(Treachery)2 Sack of Roots(Objective)1 Bound(Objective)1 Khîm(Objective-Ally)1 Unfading Grief(Treachery)1 Mîm(Enemy)1 Mîm(Objective-Ally)1
Encounter Cards55
The Land of Bow and Helm(Quest)1 The Wrath of Angband(Quest)1 The Betrayal of Mîm(Scenario)1 The Betrayal of Mîm(Campaign)1
Quest Cards4
The Betrayal of Mîm