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The Black Riders Nightmare Decks

Nightmare Expansion MEN19 10 April 2015
Card List
Khamûl the Easterling(Enemy)1 Dark Horseman(Enemy)2 Eastfarthing(Location)3 Green-Hill Country(Location)3 Stock Woods(Location)3 In the Name of Mordor!(Treachery)2 Followed by Shadows(Treachery)3 Sniffing and Hissing(Treachery)2 Menacing Wraith(Enemy)2 Southern Spy(Enemy)4 Weathertop(Location)1 Weather Hills(Location)3 The Old Road(Location)3 Forsaken Inn(Location)2 The Ring's Will(Treachery)2 Blade Tip(Treachery)2 Fell Rider(Enemy)4 Ford of Bruinen(Location)1 Trollshaw Forest(Location)3 Great East Road(Location)3 Pathless Wilderness(Location)2 Ettendales(Location)2 Come Back!(Treachery)2 The Twilight World(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards57
A Shadow of the Past Nightmare(Setup)1 A Knife in the Dark Nightmare(Setup)1 Flight to the Ford Nightmare(Setup)1
Quest Cards3