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The Black Riders

Saga Expansion MEC32 13 September 2013
Card List
Frodo Baggins(Hero)1 Sam Gamgee(Hero)1 Merry(Hero)1 Pippin(Hero)1 Fatty Bolger(Hero)1 Bill the Pony(Ally)3 Barliman Butterbur(Ally)3 Farmer Maggot(Ally)3 Halfling Determination(Event)3 Smoke Rings(Event)3 Take No Notice(Event)3 Frodo's Intuition(Event)3 Hobbit Cloak(Attachment)3 Dagger of Westernesse(Attachment)3 Hobbit Pipe(Attachment)3 Elf-stone(Attachment)3 Mr. Underhill(Attachment)1 Tireless Ranger(Attachment)1 Skilled Healer(Attachment)1 Valiant Warrior(Attachment)1 Noble Hero(Attachment)1
Player Cards43
Bag End(Location)1 Woody End(Location)1 Stock-Brook(Location)1 Bamfurlong(Location)1 Bucklebury Ferry(Location)1 Green Hill Country(Location)3 Stock Road(Location)3 The Marish(Location)2 Black Rider(Enemy)5 Evil Crow(Enemy)3 Crawling Towards Him(Treachery)3 Hunting For The Ring(Treachery)3 Have You Seen Baggins?(Treachery)2 The Prancing Pony(Location)1 Weathertop(Location)1 Chetwood(Location)3 Midgewater(Location)1 Weather Hills(Location)3 Rider of Mordor(Enemy)2 Bill Ferny(Enemy)1 Shady Bree-Lander(Enemy)4 Squint-Eyed Southerner(Enemy)3 Unwanted Attention(Treachery)3 Black Breath(Treachery)2 An Evil Wound(Objective)1 The Last Bridge(Location)1 Ford of Bruinen(Location)1 The Troll's Camp(Location)1 Ettenmoors(Location)3 The Old Road(Location)3 Fell Rider(Enemy)4 Striken Dumb(Treachery)3 The Enemy is Upon Us!(Treachery)2 Pain Assailed Him(Treachery)3 The Nine are Abroad(Treachery)2 The Witch-king(Enemy)1 Ringwraith(Enemy)4 Pale Blade(Treachery)3 Power In Their Terror(Treachery)3 Pathless Country(Location)3 Piercing Cry(Treachery)3 Black Steed(Treachery)3 Rode Like a Gale(Treachery)2 Lure of the Ring(Treachery)3 Gildor Inglorion(Objective-Ally)1 Gandalf's Delay(Objective)1 The Ring Draws Them(Treachery)1 Weight of the Ring(Treachery)1 Fear of Discovery(Treachery)1 Eaten Alive!(Treachery)1 Panicked(Treachery)1 Overcome by Terror(Treachery)1 The One Ring(Objective)1
Encounter Cards111
Three is Company(Quest)1 Three is Company(Quest)1 A Shortcut to Mushrooms(Quest)1 Escape to Buckland(Quest)1 Trouble in Bree(Quest)1 Into the Wild(Quest)1 The Ringwraiths Attack(Quest)1 Pursued by the Enemy(Quest)1 Race to Rivendell(Quest)1 A Shadow of the Past(Campaign)1 A Knife in the Dark(Campaign)1 Flight to the Ford(Campaign)1
Quest Cards12
A Shadow of the Past A Knife in the Dark Flight to the Ford
Rules Sheet
Campaign Log