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The Dread Realm

Adventure Pack MEC44 17 December 2015
Card List
Arwen Und贸miel(Hero)1 脡othain(Ally)3 Sword of N煤menor(Attachment)3 Fornost Bowman(Ally)3 Hour of Wrath(Event)3 Elven-light(Event)3 Tale of Tin煤viel(Event)3 Galadhrim Healer(Ally)3 Weather-stained Cloak(Attachment)3 Sword-thain(Attachment)3
Player Cards28
Daechanar(Enemy)1 Altar of Midwinter(Location)1 Dwimmerlaik(Enemy)3 Witch of Angmar(Enemy)3 Wraith of Carn D没m(Enemy)2 Sinister Dungeon(Location)3 Tombs of Carn D没m(Location)3 Dark Halls(Location)2 Unholy Crypt(Location)3 Possession(Treachery)2 A Fell Dread(Treachery)2 Death and Calamity(Treachery)4
Encounter Cards29
The Catacombs of Carn D没m(Quest)1 Angmar Awakened(Quest)1 Daechanar's Fall(Quest)1
Quest Cards3
The Dread Realm
Rules Sheet