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The Drúadan Forest

Adventure Pack MEC19 31 May 2013
Card List
Mirlonde(Hero)1 Forlong(Ally)3 Strength of Arms(Event)3 Mighty Prowess(Attachment)3 Trained for War(Event)3 Silvan Refugee(Ally)3 Against the Shadow(Event)3 Harbor Master(Ally)3 Advance Warning(Event)3 White Tower Watchman(Ally)3
Player Cards28
DrĂ»-buri-DrĂ»(Enemy)1 DrĂșadan Drummer(Enemy)3 DrĂșadan Elite(Enemy)3 DrĂșadan Hunter(Enemy)4 DrĂșadan Thief(Enemy)3 Ancestral Clearing(Location)1 Garden of Poisons(Location)3 Glade of Cleansing(Location)3 Men in the Dark(Treachery)3 Stars in Sky(Treachery)3 Leaves on Tree(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards29
The Pursuit(Quest)1 An Untimely End(Quest)1 The Passage Out(Quest)1
Quest Cards3
The Drúadan Forest
Rules Sheet