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The Dunland Trap

Adventure Pack MEC26 26 June 2014
Card List
Celeborn(Hero)1 Naith Guide(Ally)3 Swift and Silent(Event)3 Firefoot(Attachment)3 Close Call(Event)3 Blue Mountain Trader(Ally)3 The Fall of Gil-Galad(Attachment)3 Ithilien Lookout(Ally)3 The Tree People(Event)3 The White Council(Event)3
Player Cards28
Chief Turch(Enemy)1 Munuv Dûv Ravine(Location)1 Old South Road(Location)1 Boar Clan Stalker(Enemy)3 Boar Clan Warrior(Enemy)4 Hithaeglir Foothills(Location)2 Hills of Dunland(Location)4 Plains of Enedwaith(Location)3 Hithaeglir Stream(Location)4 Frenzied Attack(Treachery)3 Dunlending Ambush(Treachery)3
Encounter Cards29
The Road to Tharbad(Quest)1 A Well Laid Trap(Quest)1 No Way Out(Quest)1
Quest Cards3
The Dunland Trap
Rules Sheet