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The Fate of Wilderland

Adventure Pack MEC71 06 June 2019
Card List
Radagast(Hero)1 Messenger Raven(Ally)3 The King's Return(Event)3 Loyal Hound(Ally)3 The Great Hunt(Event)3 Bywater Shirriff(Ally)3 Gwaihir's Debt(Event)3 Mithril Shirt(Attachment)3 Reforged(Event)3 Radagast's Staff(Attachment)3
Player Cards28
The Goblins' Assault(Objective)1 The Heroes' Defense(Objective)1 Urdug(Enemy)1 Urdug's Elite(Enemy)3 Fierce Vanguard(Enemy)3 Warg-rider(Enemy)2 Gate of Gundabad(Location)1 Hilltop Battlements(Location)3 Dwarven Watchtower(Location)3 Slopes of Gundabad(Location)3 Fierce Attack(Treachery)3 Urdug's Command(Treachery)3 Dark Clouds(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards29
Urdug's Assault(Quest)1 Outflanked(Quest)1 The Final Push(Quest)1
Quest Cards3
The Fate of Wilderland
Rules Sheet