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The Gap of Rohan

A Long-extended Party ALEP04 08 December 2021
Card List
Barliman Butterbur(Hero)1 Nob(Hero)1 Harry Goatleaf(Hero)1 Bob(Ally)3 Bree Pony(Attachment)3 Half-pint(Attachment)3 Seasoned Forager(Attachment)3 Pint(Attachment)3 Scheming Staddler(Ally)3 Bree-land Protector(Ally)3 A Stout Heart(Event)3 Gift of Foresight(Attachment)3 Archet Alekeeper(Ally)3
Player Cards33
G谩lm贸d(Objective)1 G谩lm贸d鈥檚 Escort(Enemy)1 Frantic Dunlending(Enemy)4 Dunlending Rearguard(Enemy)2 Snowbank(Location)6 Exposed Ridge(Location)2 Frozen Lake(Location)2 Slippery Hill(Location)2 Snow Squall(Treachery)2 Frozen Solid(Treachery)2 Stumble in the Snow(Treachery)2 Unnatural Cold(Treachery)2 White Wall(Encounter Side Quest)1
Encounter Cards29
Giving Chase(Quest)1 A Dangerous Pursuit(Quest)1 Biting Winds(Quest)1 Recapture the Traitor(Quest)1
Quest Cards4
The Gap of Rohan
Rules Sheet