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The Hobbit: On The Doorstep Nightmare Decks

Nightmare Expansion MEN18 18 December 2014
Card List
Attercop(Enemy)3 Venomous Spider(Enemy)5 Dark Colony(Location)2 Mirkwood Path(Location)2 Patch of Midnight(Location)3 A Horrible Battle(Treachery)2 Spider Bite(Treachery)2 Erebor Bats(Enemy)4 Secret Tunnel(Location)3 Southern Spur(Location)3 The Front Gate(Location)2 The Dragon's Ire(Treachery)4 Lust for Treasure(Treachery)3 Great Warg(Enemy)3 Frenzied Warg-Rider(Enemy)4 Gundabad Elite(Enemy)4 Embattled Valley(Location)2 Eastern Ridge(Location)3 Dread Has Come!(Treachery)3
Encounter Cards57
Flies and Spiders Nightmare(Setup)1 The Lonely Mountain Nightmare(Setup)1 The Battle of Five Armies Nightmare(Setup)1
Quest Cards3