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The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill

Saga Expansion MEC16 17 August 2012
Card List
Bilbo Baggins(Hero)1 Thorin Oakenshield(Hero)1 Nori(Hero)1 Ori(Hero)1 Beorn(Hero)1 Fili(Ally)3 Kili(Ally)3 Bofur(Ally)3 Dori(Ally)3 Gandalf(Ally)3 Cram(Attachment)3 Spare Hood and Cloak(Attachment)3 Thrór's Map(Attachment)3 A Very Good Tale(Event)3 Foe-hammer(Event)3 Goblin-cleaver(Event)3 Late Adventurer(Event)3 Expecting Mischief(Event)3 Burglar Baggins(Event)3 Sting(Treasure)1 Orcrist(Treasure)1 Glamdring(Treasure)1
Player Cards50
Sting(Treasure)1 Orcrist(Treasure)1 Glamdring(Treasure)1 William(Enemy)1 Bert(Enemy)1 Tom(Enemy)1 A Suspicious Crow(Enemy)3 Troll Camp(Location)3 Troll Cave(Location)1 Hobbit-lands(Location)2 Dreary Hills(Location)2 Lone-Lands(Location)2 Cave Entrance(Location)2 Troll Purse(Objective)1 Troll Key(Objective)1 A Smelly Sack(Objective)1 A Strong Sack(Objective)1 A Tough Sack(Objective)1 A Large Sack(Objective)1 A Deep Sack(Objective)1 A Foul Sack(Objective)1 A Worn Sack(Objective)1 Lots or None at All(Treachery)3 A Nice Pickle(Treachery)2 Roast 'Em or Boil 'Em?(Treachery)3 Hungry Troll(Treachery)3 No Campfire(Treachery)2 Wind-whipped Rain(Treachery)2 More Like a Grocer(Treachery)1 Goblin Axeman(Enemy)3 Goblin Miners(Enemy)3 Goblin Runners(Enemy)3 Goblin Driver(Enemy)3 Goblin Bent-Swords(Enemy)4 The Great Goblin(Enemy)1 Stone-Giant(Enemy)3 The Goblins' Caves(Location)3 Front Porch(Location)2 Great Cavern Room(Location)3 Overhanging Rock(Location)2 The High Pass(Location)1 Grip, Grab! Pinch, Nab!(Treachery)3 Chaos in the Cavern(Treachery)2 Galloping Boulders(Treachery)4 Guffawing of Giants(Treachery)2 Gollum(Enemy)1 Great Gray Wolf(Enemy)1 Wild Wargs(Enemy)4 The Wargs' Glade(Location)3 Lake in the Cavern(Location)1 Bilbo's Magic Ring(Objective)1 Come Down Little Bird(Treachery)2 It Likes Riddles?(Treachery)3 Hiding in the Trees(Treachery)2 What's In My Pocket?(Treachery)2 Not Fair! Not Fair!(Treachery)1
Encounter Cards109
An Unexpected Party(Quest)1 Roast Mutton(Quest)1 Dawn Take You All(Quest)1 A Short Rest(Quest)1 The Mountain Pass(Quest)1 Down, Down to Goblin Town(Quest)1 Out of the Frying Pan(Quest)1 Riddles in the Dark(Quest)1 Into the Fire(Quest)1
Quest Cards9
We Must Away, Ere Break of Day Over the Misty Mountains Grim Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim
Rules Sheet
Campaign Log