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The Land of Shadow Nightmare

Nightmare Expansion MEN43 01 April 2017
Card List
Festering Mire(Location)3 Candle-lit Pool(Location)3 Great Reed Thicket(Location)2 Pale Faces(Enemy)3 Rotting Thing(Enemy)3 Rot and Vapors(Treachery)3 Gollum's Rage(Treachery)2 Southron Warrior(Enemy)4 Southron Rearguard(Enemy)2 Wooded Glade(Location)3 Dense Fern-brake(Location)2 Shadowy Thicket(Location)3 Blind Wrath(Treachery)3 Ware! Ware!(Treachery)2 Foul-smelling Cave(Location)2 Torech Ungol(Location)3 Cobwebbed Tunnel(Location)3 Orc of Minas Morgul(Enemy)3 Under-gate Sentry(Enemy)3 Impenetrable Dark(Treachery)3 Growing Stench(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards57
The Passage of the Marshes Nightmare(Setup)1 Journey to the Cross-roads Nightmare(Setup)1 Shelob's Lair Nightmare(Setup)1
Quest Cards3