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The Land of Shadow

Saga Expansion MEC46 19 November 2015
Card List
Frodo Baggins(Hero)1 Faramir(Hero)1 Damrod(Hero)1 Anborn(Ally)3 Mablung(Ally)3 Skinbark(Ally)3 Gamling(Ally)3 Staff of Lebethron(Attachment)3 Ambush(Attachment)3 Snowmane(Attachment)3 Taste it Again!(Event)3 In the Shadows(Event)3 Speak Your Promise!(Event)3 Brace of Coneys(Event)4
Player Cards37
The Searching Eye(Treachery)4 Groping Dead(Enemy)3 Dead Things(Enemy)3 Candle-bearer(Enemy)3 Evil-smelling Fens(Location)3 Shifting Quagmire(Location)2 Haunted Mere(Location)3 Stagnant Pools(Location)2 Soft Mires(Location)4 Creeping Marshes(Treachery)2 Bitter Reek(Treachery)3 A Fell Light(Treachery)2 The Black Gate(Objective)1 Man of Harad(Enemy)4 Captain of Harad(Enemy)3 The Cross-roads(Location)1 Henneth AnnĂ»n(Location)1 Southward Road(Location)2 Foothills of Ephel DĂșath(Location)3 Ithilien Woods(Location)2 Hills of Ithilien(Location)4 The Dark Lord's Summons(Treachery)3 Marching Up the Road(Treachery)2 Fierce Southrons(Treachery)2 Arrows Thick in the Air(Treachery)3 Shelob(Enemy)1 Morgul Orc(Enemy)4 Orc of Cirith Ungol(Enemy)3 Morgul Vale(Location)1 SmĂ©agol's Secret Way(Location)1 Cleft of Cirith Ungol(Location)1 The Spider's Lair(Location)2 The Under-way(Location)2 Deep Dark Passage(Location)3 Den of Night(Location)3 Exhalation of Decay(Treachery)2 Many Openings(Treachery)2 A Heavy Burden(Objective)1 Morgul Wraith(Enemy)2 Call of the Ring(Treachery)2 We Hates Them!(Treachery)2 Oliphaunt(Enemy)3 Haradrim Soldier(Enemy)3 Haradrim Archer(Enemy)3 Blocked Tunnel(Location)2 Shelob's Poison(Treachery)2 Lurking Malice(Treachery)3 Rage and Hunger(Treachery)3 The One Ring(Objective)1 Gollum(Enemy)1
Encounter Cards118
The Taming of Sméagol(Quest)1 Across the Marshes(Quest)1 Don't Look at the Lights!(Quest)1 The Passage of the Marshes(Campaign)1 Ambush the Men of Harad(Quest)1 Journey to the Cross-roads(Campaign)1 The Stairs of Cirith Ungol(Quest)1 The Spider's Pass(Quest)1 Gollum's Betrayal(Quest)1 Shelob's Lair(Campaign)1
Quest Cards10
The Passage of the Marshes Journey to the Cross-roads Shelob's Lair
Rules Sheet
Campaign Log