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The Legacy of Fëanor

The Legacy of Feanor LOF01 01 January 2022
Card List
Tom Bombadil(Hero)1 Arathorn(Hero)1 Fatty Lumpkin(Ally)3 Chieftain of the Bloodline(Attachment)3 River Song(Event)3 Drúedan Wayfinder(Ally)3 Group Advantage(Attachment)3 Aid from Eileanach(Event)3 Great Shield Carrier(Ally)3 Additional Shield(Attachment)3 Reuse Them!(Event)3 Stonewain Scout(Ally)3 Steward of Gondor(Attachment)3 Song of the Legends(Event)3 Nazish(Ally)3 Tom Bombadil's Flute(Attachment)3 Pipe-weed(Attachment)1 Handwritten Note(Attachment)1 Stealth and Silence(Event)1 Slayer of Dragaz(Attachment)1
Player Cards48
Robin Smallburrow(Objective-Ally)1 Falaїn(Objective-Ally)1 Leather Scroll Case(Objective)1 Handwritten Note(Objective)1 Dragaz(Enemy)1 North Moors Wolfpack(Enemy)2 Wolf Pursuer(Enemy)3 Foul Wolfrider(Enemy)3 Three Farthing Stone(Location)1 Willowbottom(Location)1 South Farthing(Location)3 Tookland(Location)2 Shirebourn Shore(Location)3 Losing Strength(Treachery)2 Unnecessary Delay(Treachery)1 Surprise Assault(Treachery)2 Heavy Load(Treachery)1 Divided Attention(Encounter Side Quest)1 Dragaz(Enemy)1 Marsh Serpent(Enemy)2 Overbourn Marshes(Location)1 Overgrown Bog(Location)2 Arrows from Above(Treachery)2 Stuck in the Marshes(Treachery)2 Great Snow Wolf(Enemy)2 Reckless Bear(Enemy)2 Cold and Tired(Treachery)2 Hope Seems Lost(Treachery)2 Baranduin(Objective)1 Balance(Objective)1 Following Orc(Enemy)3 Ambush Leader(Enemy)2 Deephallow(Location)1 Overbourn Waterfront(Location)1 Sarn Ford(Location)1 Island Among Water(Location)2 Green Peninsula(Location)2 Horrible Conditions(Encounter Side Quest)1 Cascade Approaching(Encounter Side Quest)1 Troubled Waters(Treachery)1 Shallow and Slippery(Treachery)2 Instability(Treachery)2 Splashing Waves(Treachery)2 Rapids of the Baranduin(Treachery)2 Dragaz(Enemy)1 Strong Side Wind(Objective)1 Deteriorating River(Objective)1 Damaged Raft(Objective)1 Dark Water(Location)1 Eroc(Objective-Ally)1 Sword of the Firebeards(Objective)1 Axe of the Firebeards(Objective)1 Mace of the Firebeards(Objective)1 Hidden Archer(Enemy)2 Self Sacrificing Orc(Enemy)3 Armoured Troll(Enemy)2 Troll Desolation(Location)1 Ered Luin Winefields(Location)2 Outrun by the Dwarf(Treachery)2 No Help Came That Day(Treachery)2 Arthedain Wolf Captain(Enemy)1 White Wolves from the North(Enemy)3 White Wolf Cubs(Enemy)2 Quick Target(Treachery)2 Eyes of Fire(Treachery)2 Wolf Scent(Treachery)2 Lethally Wounded(Encounter Side Quest)1 Impossible to Hide(Encounter Side Quest)1 Slopes of Emyn Beraid(Location)2 Secluded Valley(Location)2 Narrowing Gap(Location)1 Great East-West Road(Location)1 Steep Mountain Slope(Location)2 Unreliable Ledge(Location)2 Silent Cavern(Location)2 Angry Orc(Enemy)2 Orc Scavenger(Enemy)2 Ancient Mountain Troll(Enemy)2 Chieftain of the Trollriders(Enemy)1 Troll Follower(Enemy)2 Troll Offspring(Enemy)2 Furious Defence(Encounter Side Quest)1 Lightning Strikes(Treachery)2 Heavy Hail(Treachery)2 Cutting Wind(Treachery)1 Winding Wind(Treachery)1 Memories of Thane Ulchor(Objective)1 Fear of Dragaz(Treachery)1 Exhausted by Desire(Treachery)4 Parted by Peril(Objective)1 Storm(Objective)1 Sudden Attack(Treachery)4 Eroc(Objective-Ally)1
Encounter Cards153
A Peaceful Afternoon(Quest)1 Wounded Encounter(Quest)1 Running East(Quest)1 Unexpected Support(Quest)1 Town in Sight(Quest)1 Crossing of the Marshes(Quest)1 The Brandywine River(Quest)1 The Last Pursuer(Quest)1 Searching for Eroc(Quest)1 Battling the Dwarf(Quest)1 Eye to Eye with the Chieftain(Quest)1 Skirmish in the Shire(Campaign)1 Down the Baranduin(Campaign)1 Dwarf Lord Battle(Campaign)1
Quest Cards14
Skirmish in the Shire Down the Baranduin Dwarf Lord Battle
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