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The Long Dark

Adventure Pack MEC12 16 May 2012
Card List
Háma(Hero)1 Erestor(Ally)3 Fresh Tracks(Event)3 Erebor Battle Master(Ally)3 Ring Mail(Attachment)3 Out of Sight(Event)3 Ever My Heart Rises(Attachment)3 Warden of Healing(Ally)3 Word of Command(Event)3 Love of Tales(Attachment)3
Player Cards28
Durin's Greaves(Objective)1 Abandoned Mine(Location)3 Dwarven Forge(Location)2 Silent Caverns(Location)2 Twisting Passage(Location)2 Fatigue(Treachery)2 Foul Air(Treachery)4 Gathering Ground(Treachery)1 Vast and Intricate(Treachery)2 Cave Spider(Enemy)3 Goblin Sneak(Enemy)4 Goblin Warlord(Enemy)1 Rock Adder(Enemy)3
Encounter Cards30
Journey in the Black Pit(Quest)1 Continuing Eastward(Quest)1
Quest Cards2
The Long Dark
Rules Sheet