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The Mountain of Fire

Saga Expansion MEC62 01 October 2017
Card List
Frodo Baggins(Hero)1 Aragorn(Hero)1 脡omer(Hero)1 Tom Cotton(Hero)1 Rosie Cotton(Ally)3 Elfhelm(Ally)3 Elladan(Ally)3 Elrohir(Ally)3 Captains of the West(Event)3 Raise the Shire(Event)3 G煤thwin毛(Attachment)3 Friend of Friends(Attachment)3 Orc Disguise(Attachment)3
Player Cards31
Last of the Company(Objective)1 Topmost Chamber(Location)1 Echoing Passage(Location)3 Bloodied Courtyard(Location)3 Winding Stairs(Location)3 Torch-lit Hall(Location)3 Shagrat(Enemy)1 Gorbag(Enemy)1 Wounded Uruk(Enemy)3 Orcish Howls(Treachery)3 The Black Gate(Location)1 Towers of the Teeth(Location)2 Beleaguered Hills(Location)2 Waste of Dagorlad(Location)3 Slopes of Cirith Gorgor(Location)2 Reeking Moat(Location)3 Wall of Morannon(Location)2 The Mouth of Sauron(Enemy)1 Nazg没l of Mordor(Enemy)3 Gorgoroth Hill-troll(Enemy)2 Easterling Bowman(Enemy)3 Warrior of Rh没n(Enemy)3 Hell-hawk(Treachery)2 The Hour of Doom(Treachery)3 Jaws of Steel(Treachery)2 Rage Filled Him(Treachery)3 Onslaught of Mordor(Treachery)3 Gwaihir(Objective-Ally)1 The Tower of Barad-d没r(Objective)1 Mount Doom(Location)1 Orc-hold(Location)3 Mordor Road(Location)2 Plain of Gorgoroth(Location)4 Brake of Thorns(Location)3 Old Water-course(Location)1 Gollum(Enemy)1 Ringwraith of Sauron(Enemy)2 Orc Captain(Enemy)2 Big Uruk(Enemy)3 Little Snuffler(Enemy)4 'Wicked Master!'(Treachery)1 The Lidless Eye(Treachery)4 Foul Fumes(Treachery)2 Heavy and Tired(Treachery)2 Orc of Mordor(Enemy)3 Snaga Archer(Enemy)3 Uruk Soldier(Enemy)3 Drawn to the Ring(Treachery)3 Deep Shadows(Treachery)2 Evil Vigilance(Treachery)3 In Darkness Bind Them(Treachery)2 The One Ring(Objective)1 The Two Watchers(Location)1 The Eye of Sauron(Objective)1
Encounter Cards121
Pass the Two Watchers(Quest)1 Fighting in the Tower(Quest)1 Escape from Cirith Ungol(Quest)1 The Tower of Cirith Ungol(Campaign)1 Embassy from the Dark Tower(Quest)1 The Battle of the Morannon(Quest)1 The Black Gate Opens(Campaign)1 The Land of Mordor(Quest)1 The Road to Isenmouthe(Quest)1 The Last Gasp(Quest)1 The Crack of Doom(Quest)1 Mount Doom(Campaign)1 Epic Multiplayer Mode(Campaign)1
Quest Cards13
The Tower of Cirith Ungol The Black Gate Opens Mount Doom
Rules Sheet
Campaign Log