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The Nine are Abroad

A Long-extended Party ALEP09 18 October 2022
Card List
At the End of All Things(Contract)1 Glorfindel(Hero)1
Player Cards2
Chief of the Nine(Objective)1 Shadows of Terror(Objective)1 D煤nedain Tracker(Objective-Ally)1 Nameless Fear(Objective)1 Birds of Ill Omen(Objective)1 The First Rider(Enemy)1 The Second Rider(Enemy)1 The Third Rider(Enemy)1 The Fourth Rider(Enemy)1 The Fifth Rider(Enemy)1 The Sixth Rider(Enemy)1 The Seventh Rider(Enemy)1 The Eighth Rider(Enemy)1 The Ninth Rider(Enemy)1 Johnny Goblin-fingers(Enemy)1 Pursuing Wargs(Enemy)2 Roaming Easterling(Enemy)2 South Downs Troll(Enemy)2 Barrow-wight(Enemy)2 Dunlending Warband(Enemy)2 Morgul Scout(Enemy)2 Anfalas Pillager(Enemy)2 Gladden Fields(Location)1 Icebay of Forochel(Location)1 The Carrock(Location)1 Old P煤kel Land(Location)1 Paths of the Dead(Location)1 The Anduin River(Location)2 Shores of Belegaer(Location)3 Old North-South Road(Location)2 Late for Tea(Treachery)2 The Nine are Abroad(Treachery)1 Ash Nazg Durbatul没k(Treachery)1 Ash Nazg Gimbatul(Treachery)1 Ash Nazg Thrakatul没k(Treachery)1 Agh Burzum-ishi Krimpatul(Treachery)1 Lost in Goblin Town(Treachery)1 Charter the Dream-chaser(Encounter Side Quest)1 Mordor(Encounter Side Quest)1 Rh没n(Encounter Side Quest)1
Encounter Cards52
Search for the Nine(Quest)1 To Mordor We Will Send Them(Quest)1
Quest Cards2
The Blue Mountains(Region)1 Arnor(Region)1 Rhovanion(Region)1 Harlindon(Region)1 Eriador(Region)1 Mirkwood(Region)1 Enedwaith(Region)1 Rohan(Region)1 The Outlands(Region)1 Gondor(Region)1
Other Cards10
The Nine are Abroad