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The Road Darkens

Saga Expansion MEC34 03 October 2014
Card List
Frodo Baggins(Hero)1 Gandalf(Hero)1 Galadriel(Ally)3 Boromir(Ally)3 Elrond(Ally)3 Bilbo Baggins(Ally)3 Flame of Anor(Event)3 Gandalf's Staff(Attachment)3 Wizard Pipe(Attachment)3 Fellowship of the Ring(Attachment)3 Sting(Attachment)1 Mithril Shirt(Attachment)1 Glamdring(Attachment)1 And煤ril(Attachment)1 Phial of Galadriel(Attachment)1 Three Golden Hairs(Attachment)1 L贸rien Rope(Attachment)1 Leaf-wrapped Lembas(Attachment)1
Player Cards34
Watcher in the Water(Enemy)1 Great Warg Chief(Enemy)1 Hound of Sauron(Enemy)4 Howling Warg(Enemy)4 Crebain from Dunland(Enemy)2 Redhorn Pass(Location)1 Doors of Durin(Location)1 Tree-crowned Hill(Location)1 Hills of Hollin(Location)3 Redhorn Foothills(Location)3 Eregion(Location)3 Regiments of Crows(Treachery)2 Snowdrifts(Treachery)2 Bitter Cold(Treachery)2 Storm of Howls(Treachery)3 Doom, Doom, Doom(Objective)1 The Balrog(Enemy)1 Orc-chieftain(Enemy)1 Great Cave-troll(Enemy)2 Uruk from Mordor(Enemy)3 Moria Orc(Enemy)3 Moria Archer(Enemy)3 The Great Bridge(Location)1 Chamber of Mazarbul(Location)1 Mines of Moria(Location)4 Many-pillared Hall(Location)4 Darkened Stairway(Location)2 Ancient Guardroom(Location)2 They Are Coming!(Treachery)2 We Cannot Get Out(Treachery)3 Deep Fissure(Treachery)3 Fool of a Took!(Treachery)2 Frodo's Choice(Objective)1 Uruk-hai Captain(Enemy)2 Uruk-hai Archer(Enemy)4 Uruk-hai Tracker(Enemy)3 Uruk-hai Hunter(Enemy)3 Parth Galen(Location)1 Seat of Seeing(Location)1 The Argonauth(Location)1 Sarn Gebir(Location)1 River Anduin(Location)4 Wooded Shoreline(Location)3 Slopes of Amon Hen(Location)3 Growing Threat(Treachery)2 Orcs of the White Hand(Treachery)2 Black Feathered Arrows(Treachery)3 Fallen Into Evil(Treachery)1 Lust for the Ring(Treachery)1 Shadow of Fear(Treachery)1 Pursued by the Enemy(Treachery)1 Overcome by Grief(Objective)1 Grievous Wound(Objective)1 Followed by Night(Treachery)1 Ill Fate(Treachery)1 The One Ring(Objective)1
Encounter Cards114
The Ring Goes South(Campaign)1 The Council of Elrond(Quest)1 The Nine Walkers(Quest)1 The Hunt is Up!(Quest)1 The Gates of Moria(Quest)1 Journey in the Dark(Campaign)1 The Long Dark of Moria(Quest)1 Drums in the Deep(Quest)1 The Bridge of Khazad-d没m(Quest)1 Breaking of the Fellowship(Campaign)1 The Great River(Quest)1 The Company Divided(Quest)1 Searching the Woods(Quest)1 Guard the Hobbits(Quest)1 The Seat of Amon Hen(Quest)1 Orc Hunting(Quest)1 The Ring-bearer Sets Out(Quest)1
Quest Cards17
The Ring Goes South Journey in the Dark Breaking of the Fellowship
Rules Sheet
Campaign Log