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The Ruins of Belegost

GenCon Expansion OP014 02 August 2015
Card List
Player Cards1
Stalking the Ruins(Objective)1 Sword of Belegost(Objective)1 Map of Ered Luin(Objective)1 Keys of Belegost(Objective)1 Book of Aul毛's Children(Objective)1 Dwarven Torch(Objective)1 Blue Mountain Gem(Objective)1 Naurlh没g(Enemy)1 Lurker of the Depths(Enemy)1 Nameless Cave Dweller(Enemy)4 Old Stone Troll(Enemy)2 Orc of Ered Luin(Enemy)3 Blue Mountain Goblin(Enemy)3 Naurlh没g's Lair(Location)1 Abandoned Mine(Location)4 Flooded Hall(Location)2 Darkened Tunnel(Location)2 Sunken Treasury(Location)3 Secret Chamber(Location)3 Echoes in the Dark(Treachery)3 Spawn of Thangorodrim(Treachery)2 Concealed Spikes(Treachery)2 Covered Pit(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards45
Ruins of the First Age(Quest)1 Ancient Evils Disturbed(Quest)1 Deeper into the Past(Quest)1 The Servants of Morgoth(Quest)1 The Roots of Ered Luin(Quest)1 The Mines of Belegost(Quest)1 The Beast of Belegost(Quest)1
Quest Cards7
The Ruins of Belegost