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The Sands of Harad

Deluxe Expansion MEC55 01 November 2016
Card List
Gimli(Hero)1 Legolas(Hero)1 Greenwood Archer(Ally)3 Erebor Guard(Ally)3 Halfling Bounder(Ally)3 Vigilant DĂșnadan(Ally)3 Unlikely Friendship(Event)3 Well Warned(Event)3 Dour-handed(Event)3 Dwarven Shield(Attachment)3 Mirkwood Long-knife(Attachment)3 The Road Goes Ever On(Attachment)3 The Storm Comes(Player Side Quest)3
Player Cards35
"Seize Them!"(Objective)1 Umbar Sentry(Enemy)5 Narrow Alleyway(Location)2 Umbar Street(Location)2 Umbar Square(Location)3 Port of Harad(Location)2 Haradrim Estate(Location)2 Enemy Pursuit(Treachery)2 Mirage(Treachery)2 Seek Shade(Encounter Side Quest)1 Carrion Bird(Enemy)2 Burnt Sands(Location)4 Scorched Hamada(Location)2 Parched Wadi(Location)2 Were-worm(Enemy)4 Unbearable Heat(Treachery)2 Scorching Sun(Treachery)2 Kahliel(Objective-Hero)1 Firyal(Objective-Hero)1 Yazan(Objective-Hero)1 Jubayr(Objective-Hero)1 Sauron's Enforcers(Enemy)4 Southron Boma(Location)2 Village Hut(Location)2 Savage Attack(Treachery)2 Overrun by Orcs(Treachery)3 Southron Champion(Encounter Side Quest)1 Southron Captain(Enemy)1 Southron Soldier(Enemy)3 Southron Archer(Enemy)4 Nowhere to Hide(Treachery)3 In Enemy Territory(Encounter Side Quest)1 Injured Companion(Treachery)3 Enfeebled(Treachery)2 Find Water(Encounter Side Quest)1 Towering Dunes(Location)3 Desert Oasis(Location)2 Sandstorm(Treachery)2 Heat Exhaustion(Treachery)2 Craft Remedy(Encounter Side Quest)1 Sand Viper(Enemy)2 Giant Scorpion(Enemy)3 Jungle Trail(Location)2 Forest Clearing(Location)3 Dense Jungle(Location)3 Overgrown(Treachery)2 Uruks of the Eye(Encounter Side Quest)1 Uruk Chieftain(Enemy)1 Uruk of Mordor(Enemy)3 Uruk Warg-rider(Enemy)2 Mordor Warg(Enemy)2 Fear of Mordor(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards112
Stranded in Umbar(Quest)1 Flee the City(Quest)1 The Desert of Harad(Quest)1 Under the Merciless Sun(Quest)1 Beasts of Legend(Quest)1 Surprise Attack(Quest)1 Find the Others(Quest)1 Free the Captives(Quest)1 Escape into the Jungle(Quest)1
Quest Cards9
Escape from Umbar Desert Crossing The Long Arm of Mordor
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