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The Shire's Reckoning

A Long-extended Party ALEP11 01 March 2024
Card List
Elena(Hero)1 Tom Bombadil(Hero)1 Goldberry(Hero)1 Lobelia Sackville-Baggins(Hero)1 An Unexpected Party(Event)3 Song of Slumber(Event)3 Songs of Slaying(Event)3 Wooden Lyre(Attachment)3 Bilbo Baggins(Ally)3 Hey Dol! Merry Dol!(Event)3 Fatty Lumpkin(Attachment)3 Bronze Bell(Attachment)3 Daughter of Withywindle(Ally)3 Frodo Baggins(Ally)3 Bilbo's Walking Song(Attachment)3 Let Us Sing Together(Attachment)3 Lamenter of the Lost(Ally)3 Bilbo's Spoons(Attachment)3 A Burglar Indeed!(Attachment)3 Golden Horn(Attachment)3 Keep It Secret(Player-Objective)1 The Riddle-game(Contract)1
Player Cards54
Hungry Creature(Enemy)1 Drawing Attention(Treachery)3 Get Off the Road!(Treachery)2 Hasty Retreat(Treachery)2 Droppin' Eaves(Encounter Side Quest)1 Sleepy Hillside(Location)3 Tookland Tavern(Location)2 Perfect Smoke Spot(Location)2 We've Got Time!(Treachery)2 Brandy-stream(Location)3 Buckland Homestead(Location)3 Watchful Wood(Location)2 Savage Pup(Enemy)3 Scout Wolf(Enemy)2 Hunter Wolf(Enemy)2 Pack Defender(Enemy)2 Great Wolf(Enemy)1 Twilight Harbinger(Enemy)2 Shire Stalker(Enemy)2 Barrow-thief(Enemy)2 Wolf Priestess(Enemy)2 Sneering Snooper(Enemy)2 Thuggish Thrower(Enemy)2 Girded Gangster(Enemy)2 Burly Bouncer(Enemy)2 Ruffians on the Rise(Encounter Side Quest)1 The Party Tree(Location)1 The East Road(Location)3 Westfarthing Rascals(Enemy)4 Mince Pies(Objective)1 Berry Pies(Objective)1 Pork Pies(Objective)1 Cottage Pies(Objective)1 Mutton Pies(Objective)1 Tattling Took(Enemy)3 Bywater Burglar(Enemy)3 Hankering Hobbit(Enemy)2 Waymeet Market(Location)1 Protector of the Pies(Treachery)1 East Road Toll(Treachery)2 Packleader(Enemy)1 Woody End(Location)1 Morning(Objective)1 Midday(Objective)1 Sunset(Objective)1 Night(Objective)1 Pig(Objective-Ally)1 Biddy(Objective-Ally)1 Mertle(Objective-Ally)1 Edith(Objective-Ally)1 Duchess(Objective)1 Bloodfeather(Enemy)1 Hungry Wolf(Enemy)2 'Short' Conversation(Treachery)2 Sundown on the Shire(Treachery)2 It Ate What?(Treachery)1 Sly Fox(Enemy)2 Peck and Scratch(Treachery)1 Fowl Attention(Treachery)2 Grey Lady Poplar(Location)1 The Living Woods(Objective)1 Farmer Maggot(Objective-Ally)1 Old Man Willow(Location)1 Withywindle Valley(Location)2 Sea of Trees(Location)2 Pines and Firs(Location)2 Oaks and Ashes(Location)2 Choking Brambles(Location)2 Nameless Tree(Location)2 Willow Scion(Location)2 Old Tom Bombadil(Treachery)1 Claw Marks(Treachery)1 Swaying Without Wind(Treachery)2 Song of Sleep(Treachery)1 Wolf Tracks(Treachery)1 Ill Will of the Wood(Encounter Side Quest)1
Encounter Cards127
It's for the Party!(Quest)1 Hobbiton Bakery(Quest)1 Journey to Woodhall(Quest)1 Searching Woody End(Quest)1 Ambushed at the Campsite(Quest)1 Flight to Woodhall(Quest)1 Searching for a Sign(Quest)1 Into the Heart(Quest)1 The Heart of the Forest(Quest)1
Quest Cards9
Pies for the Party Sundown on the Shire Secrets of the Old Forest