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The Treason of Saruman Nightmare

Nightmare Expansion MEN36 01 July 2016
Card List
Mauhúr(Enemy)1 Lugdush(Enemy)1 Orc of the White Hand(Enemy)4 Wold of Rohan(Location)2 Enchanted Land(Location)3 The Uruk's Trail(Location)3 Uglúk's Command(Treachery)3 Orc-draught(Treachery)2 Host of Isengard(Enemy)3 Bloodied Berserker(Enemy)4 Helm's Dike(Location)2 Hornburg Wall(Location)3 Glittering Caves(Location)2 Rain of Arrows(Treachery)3 Crippling Weariness(Treachery)2 Orthanc Archer(Enemy)3 Half-orc of Isengard(Enemy)3 Poisonous Shaft(Location)3 Fortress of Isengard(Location)3 Traitor of Many Colors(Treachery)2 Fire and Foul Fumes(Treachery)3 Daunting Power(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards57
The Uruk-hai Nightmare(Setup)1 Helm's Deep Nightmare(Setup)1 The Road to Isengard Nightmare(Setup)1
Quest Cards3