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The Wilds of Rhovanion

Deluxe Expansion MEC65 15 June 2018
Card List
Brand son of Bain(Hero)1 Bard son of Brand(Hero)1 Redwater Sentry(Ally)3 North Realm Lookout(Ally)3 Warrior of Dale(Ally)3 Long Lake Trader(Ally)3 Hauberk of Mail(Attachment)3 King of Dale(Attachment)3 Bow of Yew(Attachment)3 Map of Rhovanion(Attachment)3 Necklace of Girion(Attachment)3 Traffic from Dale(Event)3 To Arms!(Event)3 Valour of the North(Event)3 Bartering(Event)3
Player Cards41
The Old Ford(Location)1 Wooded Riverbank(Location)3 Frenzied Creature(Treachery)2 Dangerous Crossing(Treachery)3 Goblin Troop(Enemy)2 Stray Goblin(Enemy)3 Pack of Wargs(Enemy)2 Hills of Wilderland(Location)2 Lonely Lands(Location)3 Ruined Supplies(Treachery)2 Lost in the Wild(Treachery)2 Weighed Down(Treachery)2 Searching for a Way Out(Objective)1 Overgrown Path(Objective-Location)1 Abandoned Village(Objective-Location)1 Bare Hilltop(Objective-Location)1 Forest Clearing(Objective-Location)1 Twilight Hall(Location)3 Mirkwood Patrol(Enemy)2 Ravenous Spider(Enemy)2 Unseen Danger(Treachery)2 Vastness of Mirkwood(Treachery)3 Accursed Forest(Location)2 Dark Black Woods(Location)3 Gathering Gloom(Treachery)2 Swarm of Bats(Treachery)3 Fire-drake(Enemy)1 Dragon Hoard(Location)1 Iron Hills Mine(Location)2 Contested Depths(Location)3 Deep Chasm(Location)2 Denizen of the Deep(Treachery)2 Afraid of the Dark(Treachery)2 Stone-troll(Enemy)2 Hobgoblin(Enemy)2 Werewolf(Enemy)2 Giant Spider(Enemy)3 Black Bats(Enemy)3 Dark Tunnel(Location)4 Forked Passage(Location)2 Dark Places(Treachery)3 Eyes in the Dark(Treachery)3 Dragon Breath(Treachery)2 Dragon Scales(Treachery)2 Lost Armory(Location)1 Ancient Treasury(Location)1 Frightful Den(Location)1 Lightless Grotto(Location)1 Crumbling Cavern(Location)1 Underground Lake(Location)1 Woodmen Village(Location)1
Encounter Cards102
Traveling North(Quest)1 Woodmen Under Attack(Quest)1 The Passage of the Ford(Quest)1 Ambushed at Night(Quest)1 Spiders of Mirkwood(Quest)1 Dol Guldur Orcs(Quest)1 Carried Away(Quest)1 Truly Lost(Quest)1 The Forest of Great Fear(Quest)1 Escape from Taur-nu-fuin(Quest)1 The Iron Hills(Quest)1 The Lower Depths(Quest)1 The Fire Worm(Quest)1
Quest Cards13
Journey Up the Anduin Lost in Mirkwood The King's Quest
Rules Sheet