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The Woodland Realm

Custom Scenario Kit OP077 24 August 2018
Card List
Player Cards1
Spider Den(Location)1 Ungoliant's Spawn(Enemy)1 Forest Grove(Location)2 Despair(Treachery)2 Chieftain Ufthak(Enemy)1 Abandoned Camp(Location)2 Gathering Gloom(Treachery)2 Black Forest Bats(Enemy)2 Enchanted Stream(Location)1 Exhaustion(Treachery)2 Spiders of Mirkwood(Enemy)3 The Spiders' Ring(Location)1 Caught in a Web(Treachery)1 Wolf Rider(Enemy)3 The Goblins' Caves(Location)1 Driven by Shadow(Treachery)1 Beast of Taur-nu-Fuin(Enemy)1 Dark Black Woods(Location)3 Wind-whipped Rain(Treachery)1 Giant Spider(Enemy)2 Giant Web(Location)2 Eyes of the Forest(Treachery)1 Mirkwood Patrol(Enemy)2 Mountains of Mirkwood(Location)2 Hatred Rekindled(Treachery)1 Wild Bear(Enemy)2 Labyrinthine Woods(Location)2 Vastness of Mirkwood(Treachery)1 Mirkwood Flock(Enemy)2 The Eaves of Mirkwood(Location)2 Massing at Night(Treachery)1 Wild Wargs(Enemy)2 Dry Watercourse(Location)2 Turned Around(Treachery)1 Pack of Wargs(Enemy)1 Dark-wood Grove(Location)2 Lost and Witless(Treachery)2 Wicked Spider(Enemy)1 Old Forest Road(Location)2 A Frightened Beast(Treachery)2 Ambushing Orcs(Enemy)1 Mirkwood Path(Location)2 Wasted Provisions(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards71
Captured by Spiders(Quest)1 A Chosen Path(Quest)1 A Chosen Path(Quest)1 A Chosen Path(Quest)1 On the Trail(Quest)1 On the Trail(Quest)1 On the Trail(Quest)1
Quest Cards7
The Woodland Realm