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Trial Upon the Marches

First Age FA02 20 March 2015
Card List
Greatness is in You(Attachment)1 Beleg Strongbow(Hero)1 Outlaw Scout(Ally)3 Knight of the Sword(Ally)3 Doriath Messenger(Ally)3 Household Guard(Ally)3 Petty-dwarf Survivor(Ally)3 Elven Training(Attachment)3 Camp of the Faithful(Attachment)3 Hardened(Attachment)3 A Dangerous Man(Event)3
Player Cards29
Deeds of Daring(Objective)1 Mighty in Arms(Objective)1 Orc Raiding Party(Enemy)2 Orc Marauders(Enemy)2 Colossal Orc(Enemy)1 Orc Archer(Enemy)2 Orc Follower(Enemy)2 Angband Assassin(Enemy)1 Azrat(Enemy)1 Orc Burner(Enemy)2 Hidden Grove(Location)2 March Outpost(Location)2 Raider Camp(Location)2 Burning Abode(Location)1 March Road(Location)2 Crooked Blades(Treachery)1 Renewed Grief(Treachery)2 An Ill Fate(Treachery)1 Mirth of Morgoth(Treachery)2 Orcish Mischief(Treachery)2 Orc Infiltration(Treachery)2 Not So High Is Your Destiny(Objective)1 For Good Or For Ill(Treachery)1 Curse of Morgoth(Objective)1
Encounter Cards37
Preparing for Battle(Quest)1 Repel the Incursion(Quest)1 Rescue the Settlement(Quest)1 Destroy the War Engine(Quest)1 A Final Proving(Quest)1 Trial Upon the Marches(Scenario)1 Trial Upon the Marches(Campaign)1
Quest Cards7
Trial Upon the Marches