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Trouble in Tharbad

Adventure Pack MEC28 21 August 2014
Card List
Haldir of L贸rien(Hero)1 Herald of An贸rien(Ally)3 O L贸rien!(Attachment)3 Gwaihir(Ally)3 Pursuing the Enemy(Event)3 Courage Awakened(Event)3 Free to Choose(Event)3 Galadhrim Minstrel(Ally)3 Lembas(Attachment)3 Defender of the Naith(Ally)3
Player Cards28
Nalir(Objective-Ally)1 The Empty Mug(Location)1 Bellach(Enemy)1 The Crossing at Tharbad(Location)1 Spy from Mordor(Enemy)4 Bellach's Marauder(Enemy)2 Streets of Tharbad(Location)2 Tharbad Hideout(Location)2 Ruins of the Second Age(Location)2 Seedy Inn(Location)2 Hidden Alleyway(Location)2 Decrepit Rooftops(Location)2 Constant Tail(Treachery)2 Conspicuous Lot(Treachery)2 Cornered(Treachery)2 Get That Dwarf!(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards30
Double Dealings(Quest)1 Escape from Tharbad(Quest)1
Quest Cards2
Trouble in Tharbad
Rules Sheet