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Wrath and Ruin

Adventure Pack MEC78 12 November 2019
Card List
Thorin Stonehelm(Hero)1 Soldier of Gondor(Ally)3 Pillars of the Kings(Event)3 Cautious Halfling(Ally)3 Tom Bombadillo!(Event)3 Durin's Axe(Attachment)3 Charge into Battle(Event)3 Silver Circlet(Attachment)3 Inner Strength(Attachment)3 Tom Bombadil(Ally)3 The Burglar's Turn(Contract)1
Player Cards29
Thane Ulchor(Enemy)1 Champion of Rhûn(Enemy)2 Easterling Skirmisher(Enemy)4 Gate of Dorwinion(Location)1 Contested Square(Location)3 Ransacked House(Location)3 Makeshift Fortification(Location)3 Captured Tower(Location)2 Fury(Treachery)2 Caught Off Guard(Treachery)2 Street Fighting(Treachery)2 Under Siege(Treachery)2 Ulchor's Revenge(Treachery)2
Encounter Cards29
Inside the Walls(Quest)1 Drive them Out(Quest)1
Quest Cards2
Wrath and Ruin
Rules Sheet