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Attack on Dol Guldur

Fellowship Deck OP050 15 February 2018
Card List
Assault on the Golden Wood(Quest)x1 Celeborn(Hero)x1 Crossing the Anduin(Quest)x1 The Siege of Dol Guldur(Quest)x1 The Tower of Sorcery(Quest)x1 Battle Under the Trees(Quest)x1 Dungeons of the Necromancer(Quest)x1 Dol Guldur(Objective)x1 Power of Lórien(Objective)x1 Host of Lórien(Objective-Ally)x1 Bane of Amon Lanc(Enemy)x1 Sorcerer of Dol Guldur(Enemy)x1 Chieftain Morlug(Enemy)x1 Dungeon Dweller(Enemy)x1 Host of Dol Guldur(Enemy)x2 Mirkwood Olog-hai(Enemy)x2 Beast of Taur-nu-Fuin(Enemy)x2 Amon Lanc Archer(Enemy)x3 Dol Guldur Marauder(Enemy)x4 Battle Warg(Enemy)x3 Gate of Dol Guldur(Location)x2 The Sorcerer's Tower(Location)x2 The Shadow Road(Location)x2 Dungeon Door(Location)x2 Forest Battleground(Location)x2 Blackened Woods(Location)x3 Servant of Sauron(Treachery)x3 Power Sevenfold(Treachery)x2 The Necromancer's Rage(Treachery)x2 Fear and Despair(Treachery)x2 Fastness of Mirkwood(Treachery)x2 Standard Game Mode(Campaign)x1 Epic Multiplayer Mode(Campaign)x1 Galadriel(Hero)x1
Attack on Dol Guldur