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Challenge of the Wainriders

Adventure Pack MEC80 01 December 2019
Card List
Saruman(Hero)x1 Power of Command(Attachment)x3 Horns! Horns! Horns!(Event)x3 Soldier of Isengard(Ally)x3 Far-sighted(Event)x3 Nori(Ally)x3 Golden Belt(Attachment)x3 Rohirrim Scout(Ally)x3 The Muster of Rohan(Event)x3 Saruman's Staff(Attachment)x3 The Wainriders(Objective)x1 The Challengers(Objective)x1 Wainrider Champion(Enemy)x1 Aggressive Racer(Enemy)x4 Chariot Driver(Enemy)x3 Veteran Wainrider(Enemy)x3 Narrow Pass(Location)x3 Crowded Track(Location)x2 Ravine Ledge(Location)x2 Wainrider Chariot(Treachery)x2 The Champion's Cunning(Treachery)x3 The Grey Wanderer(Contract)x1 Wainrider Camp(Quest)x1 First Sprint(Quest)x1 The Turnaround(Quest)x1 The Farthest Edge(Quest)x1 Last Climb(Quest)x1 Home Stretch(Quest)x1
Challenge of the Wainriders