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The Antlered Crown

Adventure Pack MEC31 23 December 2014
Card List
Erkenbrand(Hero)x1 Warden of Helm's Deep(Ally)x3 The Day's Rising(Attachment)x3 Captain of Gondor(Attachment)x3 Booming Ent(Ally)x3 Ride Them Down(Event)x3 Shadows Give Way(Event)x3 Don't Be Hasty!(Event)x3 Waters of Nimrodel(Event)x3 Treebeard(Ally)x3 Battle for Dunland(Quest)x1 The Raven Clan(Quest)x1 The Last Stage(Quest)x1 Chief Turch(Objective-Ally)x1 Raven Chief(Enemy)x1 Raven Chief's Camp(Location)x1 Raven Warrior(Enemy)x4 Raven Skirmisher(Enemy)x3 Raven War-camp(Location)x4 Raven Village(Location)x3 Dunland Battlefield(Location)x3 Raven Country(Location)x2 Raising the Cry(Treachery)x3 Fierce Folk(Treachery)x2 Driven Back(Treachery)x2
The Antlered Crown