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The Hobbit: Over Hill and Under Hill Nightmare Decks

Nightmare Expansion MEN17 22 July 2014
Card List
We Must Away, Ere Break of Day Nightmare(Setup)x1 A Murder of Crows(Enemy)x3 Red River-bank(Location)x3 Wicked Hilltops(Location)x3 Comfortable Light(Location)x3 Mince Them Fine(Treachery)x3 Night Wanes Slow(Treachery)x2 One By One(Treachery)x2 Over the Misty Mountains Grim Nightmare(Setup)x1 Narrow Ledge(Location)x3 Dim Valley(Location)x4 Lightning Splinters(Treachery)x2 The Great Goblin(Enemy)x1 Goblin Prowler(Enemy)x4 Dark Passages(Location)x3 Swish, smack! Whip crack!(Treachery)x2 Dungeons Deep and Caverns Dim Nightmare(Setup)x1 The Lower Gate(Location)x1 Wicked Wolf(Enemy)x3 Lower Gate Sentries(Enemy)x3 Pine Slopes(Location)x3 Fallen Stones(Location)x3 Where Isss It?(Treachery)x3 We Hates It!(Treachery)x3