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The Lost Realm Nightmare

Nightmare Expansion MEN35 02 June 2016
Card List
Intruders in Chetwood Nightmare(Setup)x1 Orc Abductor(Enemy)x3 Soldier of Angmar(Enemy)x2 Northern Chetwood(Location)x3 Greenway Path(Location)x2 Outskirts of Archet(Location)x2 A Great Host(Treachery)x2 Kill Them!(Treachery)x3 Shadow the War Party(Encounter Side Quest)x1 Protect the Bree-landers(Encounter Side Quest)x1 The Weather Hills Nightmare(Setup)x1 Captive Villager(Objective-Ally)x3 Rearguard Ambusher(Enemy)x3 Angmar Raider(Enemy)x4 Weather-torn Valley(Location)x2 Ruined Watch-tower(Location)x3 Rain-washed Tracks(Treachery)x3 Track the Orcs(Encounter Side Quest)x1 Deadmen's Dike Nightmare(Setup)x1 Undead Horde(Enemy)x2 Cursed Dead(Enemy)x2 Palace Ruins(Location)x2 Fornost Street(Location)x4 Decrepit City(Location)x3 Paralyzing Fear(Treachery)x3 Curse of Angmar(Treachery)x2 Gather Your Courage(Encounter Side Quest)x1