Departure from the Havens
The Grey Havens #16 (x1)
1A-B (8)

The Dream-chaser and her fleet depart from the Grey Havens, in search of the island from Calphon's dreams. Only a week out from the coast, the black sails of Corsair can be seen in pursuit!

Setup: Prepare the Corsair deck. Players prepare their fleet. Shuffle each stage 2 card in the quest deck so that their order is random, leaving stage 3 on the bottom. Search the encounter deck for 1 copy of Rolling Seas and 1 copy of Scouting Ship, and add them to the staging area. Shuffle the encounter deck.


While you are on-course (), each Ship objective gets +2 .

When this stage is defeated, if you are on course (), look at the top 2 stages of the quest deck and advance to one of your choice, placing the other on the bottom of the quest deck. Otherwise, advance to the top state of the quest deck.