The Angry Forest
The Voice of Isengard#67 (x1)
3A-B (-)

Mugash has disappeared deeper into the woods. As you continue to search for him, the trees close in around you and you can feel their roots and limbs shaking with anger. Their branches rattle like a raging temptest, but without any wind. You're beginning to regret the decision to enter Fangorn. You need to find Mugash and get out...

Time 3.

Forced: After the last time counter is removed from this stage, discard the top 5 cards of the encounter deck. Each player must choose an enemy or objective in the discard pile, reveal it and add it to the staging area. Place 3 time counters on this stage.

Forced: After placing progress here, if there is at least 6 progress on this stage and Mugash is attached to a hero, advance to stage 2A.