The Fate of Balin
Khazad-dûm#68 (x1)
2A-B (17)

You have discovered the Chamber. Before you lies the resting place of Balin, last lord of Moria. The final portion of the book tells the grim tale-Balin was slain in the Dimrill Dale, and the Dwarves were then trapped in the mines. It seems as if there are no survivors. You stand silently by his tomb, but cannot tarry. Orc war cries and horns sound close. You leave the cumbersome book as a testament to the Dwarves' valor, and prepare to fight your way out, lest Balin's fate become your own...

When Revealed: Remove Book of Mazarbul from the game.

Forced: At the end of the staging step, reveal the top X cards of the encounter deck, adding all enemies to the staging area. Discard the other revealed cards without resolving them. X is the number of players.

If the players defeat this stage, they win the game.