The Last Alliance
Children of Eorl #85 (x1)

Choose two traits, A and B. Each of your starting heroes and each ally in your deck must have either the printed A or B trait, but cannot have both. You must have at least 1 starting hero and 10 allies in your deck with each trait.

Setup: Flip this card over.

“The strength of the Elves to resist him was greater long ago; and not all Men were estranged from them.”
—Gandalf, The Fellowship of the Ring

While you control more A characters than B characters, reduce the cost of the first B ally you play this round by 1, and vice versa.

Action: Exhaust The Last Alliance to choose a card in your hand or a card in play under your control. Replace each printed instance of “A” or “B” in that card’s ability text with “A or B” until the end of the round.