The Uruk-hai
The Lord of the Rings Part 7
The Treason of Saruman#71 (x1)
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Setup: Remove Gildor Inglorion and Mr. Underhill from the Campaign Pool. Remove each burder with the following burden set icons from the encounter deck:

A Shadow of the Past, Flight to the Ford, The Ring Goes South

They followed their enemies now by the clear light of day. It seemed that the Orcs had pressed on with all possible speed. -The Two Towers

Resolution: If the pursuit value is 25 or lower, the players must choose: either each player earns one of the Skill boons (Intimidation, Hands of a Healer Forewarned, or Leader of Men) and attached it to a hero he controls, or one player ears the boon Beyond All Hope and chooses a hero from the list of fallen heroes. That player takes control of the chosen hero (removing it from the list of fallen heroes) and attaches Beyond All Hope to it. If a player controls more than 3 non-Fellowship heroes, he must remove heroes from the Campaign Log until he controls only 3 heroes. Changing heroes as a result of earning Beyond All Hope does not incur a +1 threat penalty. Add the earned cards to the Campaign Pool.

Then when they had laid their fallen comrades in a mound and had sung their praises, the Riders made a great fire and scattered the ashes of their enemies. So ended the raid, and no news of it came ever back either to Mordor or Isengard; but the smoke of the burning rose hight ot heaven and was seen by many watchful eyes. –The Two Towers