Unexpected Rescue
Escape from Mount Gram#38 (x1)
1A-B (-)

You have been captured and imprisoned by the goblins of Mount Gram.

Setup: Each player shuffles his starting hand into his deck. Each player prepares a separate captured deck (see insert). Each player adds 2 resources to his starting hero and sets his threat to that hero's threat cost. Set Southern Gate, Jailor Gornákh and the Angmar Orcs encounter set aside, out of play. Shuffle the encounter deck. Each player draws a new starting hand of 3 cards.

You have endured much during your imprisonment in Mount Gram at the hands of a cruel goblin known as Gornákh. But before you are taken north as prizes for "Lord Daechanar," Amarthiúl comes to your rescue. After he frees you, he slips off to find Iârion, whom you suspect is imprisoned nearby. Armed with only your wits and resolve, you must find the rest of your company.

When Revealed: Each player creates his own staging area and advances to a different stage 2A.