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Card Set Cycle Set Type
Scenario Encounter
Card Type Subtype Deck Type
Sphere Unique Status
Character Project Creator

Resource Threat Engagement
Hit Points
Quest Points
Trait Keyword Victory
Player Encounter Quest
Region Archetype Age
Artist Popularity Errata
Results: 3 Cards
Escape from Mount Gram (x1)
44 3 5 3 8
Goblin. Orc.

Forced: After 1 or more captured cards are rescued, Jailor GornĂĄkh engages the player with the highest threat and makes an immediate attack.

"Come on now! We've talked enough. Let's go and have a look at the prisoner!"
–Shagrat, The Two Towers

Escape from Mount Gram Nightmare (x1)
45 4 5 5 14
Goblin. Orc.

Forced: After Jailor Gorn kh enters playt each player searches his captured deck for each hero and captures thme underneath Jailor Gorn kh.

Forced: After a player rescues any number of cards, Jailor Gorn kh attacks that player.

Escape from Mount Gram (x1)
3 A

Having rescued as many of your companions as you can find, you begin to make your way towards the dungeon's hidden exit. By now GornĂĄkh is surely aware of your escape, and the orcs that were with Thaurdir are now searching for you, as well.

When Revealed: Add Southern Gate and Jailor GornĂĄkh to the staging area. Shuffle the Angmar Orcs encounter set into the encounter deck. Then, reveal 1 encounter card per player from the top of the encounter deck.

3 B

Orcs and Goblins rush to find you before you can make your escape. You must make haste if you wish to make it out of Mount Gram alive!

The player cannot travel to Southern Gate unless there is at least 16 progress on this stage.

The players cannot defeat this stage while Souther Gate is in play. If the players defeat this stage, they have escaped Mount Gram and win the game.